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Gerry O'Beirne: Guestbook

Dave Hahn

March 14, 2007 I'm pissed! YOU are playing the SECOND week of Jazzfest, Whilst I am playing the FIRST. THAT JUST SUCKS!! Are you going to be in New Orleans the weekend before? I'd love to run into you. I could get you into the party I'm playing the First Friday of JAZZFEST.
BTW...I was getting a wee bit Guinessized in a really cool pub in Dublin watching a really great trio play and Lo and behold they played one of yer tunes! I went up and asked them about it and they responded with you bein' somewhat a musical legend in them thar parts...
How cool are you! There are a few locals here in Park City that play my songs but they probably would appologize for it if confronted!

Louise Jacobs

March 8, 2007

Gerry - Chatted with you briefly after your performance in San Juan Capistrano...thanks for the soul-touching music and guitar artistry. Guess you'll be near my hometown of Antioch, Ca. tomorrow. I'm heading up there the following weekend....would have loved to hear your music again. I shared your cd will 400 adult students this week in my music classes.
God Bless.....hope our paths cross again.

Seamie O'Dowd

March 1, 2007

Gerry,hope you're well.Was sending a message to Thom and found a link to your page.Will link it to my site.If you get a chance you might do the .Anyway,great blast with yourself and the King of Knocknarea at...the foot of..Knocknarea last September.All the best from...Knocknarea.

S. Williams

February 23, 2007

Truly enjoyed your website. Your photos tell interesting stories from the lens of a true artist. Please add me to your email list.

Rachel Bowerman

January 18, 2007

Gerry!!!! My buddy from Swannanoa lo those many moons ago, and also our feast in Jefferson City, MO at Red Lobster...does that ring a bell? I've been thinking about you lately and wondering how you are doing. Drop me an email at the address here when you get a chance, and I will look forward to hearing from you. I had some CDs stolen, and "Half Moon Bay" was sadly one of them. I will be ordering another ASAP. :) Talk to you soon, my friend.

P.S. The pics are beautiful. I remember you telling me about Dingle. Cool. :)

Mike Sherry

November 30, 2006

So sorry to have missed your San Diego show Gerry, first tour of yours I haven't made.

But what's this? Soundtrap Studios this weekend...? If it's the new album, I'm ready to pre-order a dozen copies!

Jens Kommnick

November 24, 2006

Hi Gerry,

hope you are very well. I'm glad to see how busy you are and it's nice to read all these warm comments in your guestbook.

Hope to see you again, take care & good luck!



November 23, 2006

Your music forever defines a part of my life that was the happiest i've ever been before or since. When your music plays, it brings me back to that feeling of loving and being loved that i felt then. Thank you for making music that is so powerful that a girl can just remember what it was like for a moment in time to be truly happy.
God Bless you Always,
Amy J. Campbell

sue and mike hook

November 21, 2006

Hi Gerry
Since I wrote to thank you for a great gig in Dingle in September, we've decided to come back from Dorset to Kerry (Dunquin) for two weeks over Christmas and New Year. Any chance you'll be playing within a 100 mile radius or will you be in the US?

Really looking forward to your new album (no pressure!!).

Sue H

Tess Guilfoile

November 19, 2006


I want to say thanks for coming to Atlanta. I was one of the two teenage girls at your concert. I have to say, I don't think i've been as happy to hear anything in my entire life than i was that night.

My sister Gen (the one sitting on the floor, who plays the guitar) and i have been listening to your music since i can remember. We used to fall asleep to your music every single long car ride we've had to Vermont.

Hearing you play, live, watching the way you play, made my year... i swear. Seeing you here made me so happy. I've always wanted to see you play.

Thanks for coming. I really hope you come back and play again.


p.s. I still love the photos on your website... they're amazing.

peadar D.

November 17, 2006

see you're way out west tonight Bud .Not missing this Irish weather I bet . greetings from a wet Clare .Happy strummin' !!
Slán ,

George Stateson

October 31, 2006

Hello, Gerry! I'm sorry to be greedy, but... how about another CD? Pretty Please? :-)
Maybe with fiddler Heather Gilmour? (seems like fate put y'all together at Tex Scottish Fest in Arlington Tx a while back). Just a thought! Keep on with the good works! - George -

carol harang

October 4, 2006

I'm thrilled at the prospect of hearing you perform again! I first heard you at Acoustic Coffeehouse in Nederland, CO and then again in Lafayette, CO. I'll see you again Oct. 21st in Lafayette. Can't wait! and I sure hope you'll be prepared to play (for me), Long Beating Wing. It's my absolute fav! Maybe now you'll recall me asking you to play it before. Oh, and your photos are stunning! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful talent!

kelly jean van meter

October 4, 2006

i am so excited. i'm trying to get a friend to drive with me to davis so she can see you 'live'
your steady fan

John Courtney

October 3, 2006

Hi Gerry,

Too often in life words go unspoken, so I will speak some now to you that must be said - "Half Moon Bay" is a work of astonishing beauty that I haven't stopped playing since it was first given to me by my sister [who knew that I was a fan of yours from Midnight Well days].

NOW ...

1. When is the next one slated for release?
2. When can you come to Vancouver?

Best wishes,


Ellen Seeley

October 3, 2006

So glad to hear you're coming to town! I can't wait. I listen to Lumina often and remember that exquisite concert in the church in Dingle.
:) Ellen

Harry F Beirne

September 13, 2006

Half Moon Bay is a great album...I "stumbled across" you by searching the net for "Beirne" and ordered the cd on the spot.....Go move on my part...Like to know when your playing in the New Jersey/New York area.....

Adrian Horvath

September 3, 2006

Hi Gerry, have missed hearing your wonderful music live. Glad to see you'll be around soon. I'll have to make a trip down to Santa Cruz to see you play. Driving down highway 1 (now that it's reopened!) will be a great prelude, especially this time of year. Hope you're doing well across the pond! take care

Ian Brodie

August 27, 2006

Hi Gerry, thanks for a great night in Edinburgh, the gig was brilliant, and thanks again for singing for Gillian. Love the photos.

Hope to see you again sometime. Ian Brodie.

Paul Rutter

August 19, 2006

Hi Gerry, What a great evening of music and pints with Rosie, you, Tom, and all for the Johnsmith tour of Ireland! I have your music (thank you!) for airplay on the radio station where I host the folk show in State College, PA, WPSU.
I have Rosie's fiddle tunes too!
Many thanks. I hope to return to Ireland sooner but if not I look forward to your playing anywhere near me.

Cilantro or however one says Slainte!


David Wiggins

August 18, 2006

Hi Gerry
Had the pleasure of seeing you with Rosie and her brother in Dingle. Best concert I've ben to in years, and can't wait for your new album with Rosie. Hope it includes the guitar solo you opened the set with, pure magic. Any chance you will be in England in the future.

Karyn Kujawa

August 14, 2006

Hi Gerry,
Thank you again for the lovely concert you and Rosie held for John Smith's group at the Yeats County Hotel on August 1.

Rab Lyle

August 4, 2006

Love your stuff Gerry.

Ian Brodie

July 27, 2006

Hi Gerry, I met you when you played with andy m stewart in edinburgh a few years ago, and you signed my copy of half moon bay. I love the album. I have a request for you, can you play When your gone I say your name for Gillian at the gig in Edinburgh. I look forward to meeting you again then. Regards Ian Brodie.


July 25, 2006

Good and interesting to hear your news.

Mike Connolly

July 9, 2006

Wonderful guitar, the 12-string pieces are my favorite.

Just returned from a 3 week trip to Ireland. I'm 54 years young and just met my cousins in County Monoghan for the first time. Already planning the next trip.

Gerry, please come to Wisconsin or Minneapolis. I only have one ear left after some life altering surgery, so I'll listen twice as hard. MPC

Paul Rutter

June 16, 2006

Great tunes, music. Thanks for placing them on your site. Looking forward to hearing more. WPSU-FM Folk show in Pennsylvania

Erin O'Beirne

June 10, 2006

Gerry- Love the new website! Your photos are fabulous. The family and I hope to see you soon. Hopefully you'll be in the Northeast so we can all get together. I'll have to send some recent pictures, especially of the newest member of the O'Beirne clan. Take care!

Bill and Betty Guilfoile

June 7, 2006

We saw Gerry with Maura in Fairfield, Connecticut back in the 90's and bought his CD at the concert. We've played it since in the car and our twin daughters Tess and Gen have come to love the music too. Gen plays guitar for the past 6-7 years and is awed by Gerry's ability and expression. We moved to Gainesville, Georgia 2 years ago and look forward to seeing Gerry some day in a concert in Atlanta. Looking forward to that next CD!

Some sheet music off your songs if available would be great for my daughter Gen.

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