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Gerry O'Beirne: Links

An interesting short film about Tara
Save Tara Petition
I don't honestly know that petitions accomplish very much but it can't hurt. In a nutshell, the Irish Government is runnning a road through the area of the Hill of Tara, possibly the most important archaeological site in Ireland. On their second day of digging they came upon a henge the size of three football fields, but are determined to plough ahead. It's like buildng a road through Pompeii. They nit pick about what is or is not a valuable site, an im portant structure, but the fact is the whole place is sacred, if anything is. The ruling party is Fianna Fáil, the "Soldiers of Destiny". They claim to be the most "Irish" of the parties and make great play of thir little bit of Irish language and their history and all the rest of it, but to them this is all a big joke, a sideshow to the serious business of filling developers' pockets. More information to follow.
Glenn Gould plays Bach
Strindberg and Helium
For those who like this kind of thing, this is the kind of thing they like.
If you'd like to see more of my photos, I upload them here regularly. is an amazing photo site if you don't know it but beware - it's addictive.
Claddagh Records
Irish Record Shop based in Temple Bar, Dublin. They do mail order and a good place to start if you're looking for Irish traditional music in particular.
I was tickled to have a photo of the Mardi Gras Indians from the photos page blogged on, an African-American music and cultural history site. The first slaves in the New Orleans area were often taken in and hidden by Native American tribes in the swamp areas and this is celebrated in New Orleans every year when many dress in a mixture of African and Native American garb. Turbocity is interesting and entertaining.
Rosie Shipley
Rosie has a real voice on the fiddle and makes my music sound really good.
TV B Gone
Say you're in a motel somewhere in the states trying to have breakfast under the slimy gaze of the blood stained ghouls on Fox News, or in a pub in Ireland where someone has left the TV on so that your wit and eruditon are tragically at less than full flood. What do you do? You buy a TV BGone from this wonderful company. It's a universal TV remote on a key chain, and it will TURN THE TV OFF. God, the fun I've had with this thing.
some guitar players are born with a silver spoon in their mouths
Thom Moore
Thom is an extraordinary songwriter. He has done something nobody else has, often using Irish dance melodies and shape-changing them into the most majestic songs. He's also a singer you could listen to all day. I played with him years ago in a band called Midnight Well. The album is out there somewhere on CD and I'm very proud of it. Rock on, Thom.
Iggy Pop's contract rider
Instructive and funny rock and roll concert rider for Iggy Pop
Sarah McQuaid

I produced two albums for Sarah, "when two lovers meet", and "i won't go home til morning" and we're working on a third. She's a fine deep voiced singer and a very good guitar player. For anyone seeking help with DADGAD guitar tuning, she's written a book on it.

Ballaghmore CAstle
If you'd like to rent a small fifteenth century Irish Castle for a few days this is the place for you. Tell Grace I said hello.
Muireann Nic Amhlaoibh
A fabulous Irish singer from Dun Chaoin in West Kerry.
photographs of Prokudin-Groskii
Photographs taken by Prokudin-Gorskii in the era of the Russian empire under Tsar Nicholas II. He invented an amazing technique of colour photography. It's fascinating to see colour photos from a time we associate with black and white photography.
Andy Irvine
I played with Andy quite a bit some years ago, and traveled all over Europe and the states with him. A treasure.
Eoin Duignan
Piper and low whistle player and complete gentleman, Eoin lives in Dingle and can be found most thursday nights playing in An Droichead Beag pub.
Billy Magfloinn
Essays from Billy about ancient Irish society, harps, megalithic art, hurling and such. great stuff.
Maura O'Connell
She has the voice and the heart to go with it.
Kavisha Mazzella
I produced an album for Kavisha in Australia where she lives. She writes and sings amazing songs and directs an Italian women's choir!
Andy M Stewart
I've had more than a few laughs with Andy on the road. He'll be back on tour soon with his big voice and his stories.
Dave Hahn Musician@Large
I met Dave in a bar in New Orleans. He's an American troubadour.