The "elephant" guitar smashed on southwest flight and Southwest refuse to pay!

I've always liked the airline so I'm very surprised, but they flat out refuse to pay for the repair on the basis that i didn't discover the damage there and then, plus they call me "Ms Obeirne" which i suppose shows how much attention they're paying. Very disappointed in them. The repair involves a whole new top among other things and will take months. Luckily the people who built it, Ithaca Guitar Works, have more of the original cedar block they used for the original. a picture of the damage


UPDATE: So far we've raised about two thirds of the cost of the repair so big big thanks to the Friends of the Elephant!:

Kate Christmas and friends, Fred Knight, Clifton English, Valeri Keogh, Deborah Rogers, Claire, Michael, Sinead, Gerard Dunn, Bett & Bill Padgett, Aaron Karmelk, Anne & Keith Willoughby, Phoebe O'Brien, Teresa Mecca, Burke Walker, Jennifer Karlsson, Jamie O'Brien, Robbie White, Nora Jeannier, Terry Murphy, Abbie Bernstein, Kate Akers, Dawn McBride and Tonya Baumhardt.