Voices from the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta

This was a series of poems from a medieval cemetery in Romania set to music by Shaun Davey and performed last weekend in Sibiu in Transylvania, Romania as part of the Sibiu Theatre Festival with a small orchestra, two choirs, majestic singer Rita Connolly, the no less majestic Liam O'Floinn on pipes, Noel Eccles on percussion and myself on guitar with redoubtable conductor David Brophy. Even by his high standards this was great music from Shaun. We had a good time in any case of course, but the music was a rapturous experience, not least because of the singers from Sibiu. These people don't hold back when they sing. Here's a picture of the Evangelical Church where the performance was held. I'll put up some other pics from Sibiu on my flickr page.

Evangelical Church, Sibiu, Transylvania, Romania