Summertime in Dingle

It's been ages since I gave any news in these pages so apologies for that. I came home from the states in May and did a tour with Irish Music Network which was a lovely experience, playing with legendary nickelharpa player Olov Johansson from Vasen, Conor Byrne on flute and Tom Morrow from Dervish on fiddle. There was a quick visit to Transylvania to play with the orchestra and choirs for Shaun Davey's Voices From The Merry Cemetery - sadly I missed the Irish debut of this remarkable suite in St Patrick's Cathedral last November. By now we all feel really at home in Sibiu and with those great musicians and singers. You'll find me for much of this summer as usual in the Dingle Peninsula and playing quite often in St James' Church in Dingle. When I get a better internet connection I'll put up some photos from these recent travels. Hope to see you down the road, or better again in Dingle!