“Exquisite”  - Ruth Smith about “Swimming The Horses

“Weird and wondrous” - Coreopsis Journal of Myth & Theatre about Swimming the Horses

Beautiful… Exuberant and lyrical sound… an album so full of melodic warmth that it can barely be contained… one of the most perfect acoustic albums I’ve heard in a while …. a career defining album”

— John Diliberto of Echoes about “The Bog Bodies And Other Stories: Music For Guitar”

 "O'Beirne's 2000 LP Half Moon Bay is beloved for good reason, and i'd highly recommend giving a listen to his latest effort, Swimming The Horses, which was self-released in May 2019. Even for listeners largely uninterested in Irish folk music, "The Last King Of Feothanach" and the alluring title track are beautifully haunting ballads, and O'Beirne has managed to write perhaps the canonical musical setting of James Joyce in "Golden Hair"." - Colorado Springs Independent. ”

— Colorado Springs Independent

An intimate amphitheatre where the gracefulness of O'Beirne's composition finds full expression.”

— Irish Times

The instrumentals are out of this world. A self taught master of the 6 and 12 string guitar, the playing of O’Beirne is superlative and subtle beyond words.”

— The Sunday Times

His works are simple, elegiac and exquisitely worded pen pictures of life’s experiences.”

— Rock ‘N’ Reel

Everything he touches resounds to us with an echo of truth and beauty and perfection”

— Ranelagh Arts Festival

A masterpiece.”

— Folkworld about Half Moon Bay