A rose by any other name...

The Bog Bodies And Other Stories: Music For Guitar". I thought that about covered it. "Congratulations on the birth of the Bog Bodies", a friend emailed helpfully. Then I had people at gigs saying " I'd like a copy of the Bog Babies please" and "two Bog People and a Half Moon Bay". It's been fun launching the new album and mostly it's been enthusiastically received. But Echoes, the American radio show which kindly gave it album of the month, while liking the music very well, expressed surprise that I should choose such a "macabre image". Poor Oldcroghan Man! Poor Clonycavan Man! I never thought of them as being macabre! I imagine you won't either if you go to see them in the National Museum in Dublin. To encounter them is to see two incredibly interesting people who have come to us from so very far away but who seem oddly familiar - the bog and time seem to have burnished and defined them into an essence of their persons and personalities, almost as if they have become works of art. It's fascinating, and I just wanted to tell their stories. Macabre indeed! Save the Bog Bodies!

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